Claude Kintzler was born in 1959 in Chaumont in Haute Marne (eastern France).
At an early age, he feels attracted to the arts and starts drawing as a self-taught artist. Between 1974 and 1979, he learns the classical guitar with André Jourd’heuil, Roger Doherty and Blas Sanchez while taking advantage of the variety and profusion of tools and materials from the family farm to set about teaching himself sculpture, woodcarving and iron work in the village of Forcey.
Reading an article about Calder’s death, he suddenly falls for the master’s metallic mobiles. Kintzler immediately sets about working on his own mobiles, which are at the time mere imitations of Calder’s.
Between 1979 and 1990, most of his time is devoted to practising Northern India classical music, learning the sitar and the subahar with Dr Raj Bhan Singh in Benares and Narendra Bataju in Paris. Meanwhile, he keeps on drawing, sculpting and sometimes creating mobiles.
Between 1990 and 2001, he works on stone, realising monumental stone fountains for France and the United States before coming back to painting and mobiles. In this field, his art has gradually matured and his stainless-steel mobiles have now acquired a marked personal identity, which, to the connoisseurs’ eye, sets him definitely apart from Calder.

He then starts showing his work with growing success and his works can now be found in private collections not only in France but also in England, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico and the United States.



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